Roxanne Cook
Product Designer


Product designer, mama, maker, homesteader, wayfarer.


Seeking simplicity, intention, and humanity in all things.


I'm a mission-driven product designer with a passion for craft, activism and sustainability. On a day to day basis, I strive to create things that that are lovely and simple to use. On a grander scale, I want to be a part of creation cycles that educate, inspire and empower others to live their best lives possible.

Currently, I am at Varo Money helping to build an entirely new kind of bank that helps people forge a path towards financial success.

When Iā€™m not working, I live to travel and I care deeply about equality, environmental conservation and sustainability. I have studied and volunteered with environmental organizations around the world focusing on marine conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, organic agriculture, and ancestral arts.

I aspire to combine my passions in design and activism and make social impact a main focus in my career. I'm interested in exploring how design and technology can foster positive change in our communities, our schools, our health and our environment. 

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Happiness is handmade


Beyond the screen, I am committed to maintaining my own creative practice. I'm currently sewing my own wardrobe, experimenting with natural dyes, creating fiber art using traditional knotting and weaving methods, and always exploring new ways to build with my hands.


About the Logo


I was working on a monogram logo for my portfolio when one thing led to another... and so I birthed the whole alphabet.


But does it pass the readability test? Find out ā†’